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Please refresh the page and retry. To celebrate, here are 12 extraordinary facts about the film star. Cary Grant is a name that evokes the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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Cary Grant, Hollywood's non-controversial leading man for years, was once the self-appointed poster child for LSD, years before the psychedelic drug flooded the much-less-squeaky-clean Haight-Ashbury district. Grant was introduced to the psychedelic by his wife Betsy Drake and began to attend weekly sessions at an LSD clinic inwhere the drug was used in a psychiatric setting. He had a few personal demons regarding his mother to sort out.

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The DoseNation Podcast brings you weekly news and talk on drugs, science, consciousness, spirituality, politics, and more. Visit DoseNation. Weekly news, talk, and interviews.

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Our stage is Beverly Hills, still a small town inwhere movie stars and other entertainment-industry leaders led active but traditional, even somewhat constrained social lives. Money, emotional traumas, and personal doubts were simply not discussed, even by the closest of friends. Appearances were accepted as reality, so people kept very busy making sure every aspect of their lives looked correct. Social lives were just as circumspect.

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As a result of it and past traumas, he secretly wrestled for most of his life with an identity crisis. For years, Grant desperately tried to square his past with the man onscreen. Grant was one of the few people who could be silky smooth and debonair while at the same time, totally disarming.

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My first experience with LSD was not pleasant. Six hours spent staring at bugs on Hampstead Heath were punctuated by a fat man calling me a prick and someone showing me a book of autopsy photos. It was harsh and boring, and I didn't gain one new bit of insight — no secrets of the cosmos were revealed; I just learned that looking at human corpses while you're tripping makes you feel kind of weird and upset.

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Paul Whitington. In the late s, Cary Grant contacted Good Housekeeping magazine to ask them for an interview. This was, to put it mildly, uncharacteristic behaviour: Grant was a shy and private man who hated talking about himself and rarely spoke to journalists.

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Even I want to be Cary Grant on acid.

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Sky Arts. In one LSD dream, I shit all over the rug and shit all over the floor. This is no urban myth — or fake news — this is a documented fact, straight from his mouth and told to publications so elicit as Good Housekeeping magazine.

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