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There are steps you can take to reduce your risk for sexually transmitted infections STI and pregnancy, but time is of the essence. Although EC is most effective when used within 24 hours of semen exposure, it can still be used for up to five days afterward. EC is 95 percent effective when used within five days of intercourse.

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You may need to look for the broken condom. Go to the bathroom and pee to flush away any sperm that may be near your urethra. Whilst sitting on the toilet remove excess sperm by squatting down and squeezing with your vaginal muscles.

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Has he moved position? Was it because you put your legs back further? What is this whole new experience?

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Accidents happen. If ever in this situation, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the risk of infection should either of you be HIV-positive or one or both of you do not know your status. If a condom breaks while having sex, it's best to stop immediately and pull out carefully.

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My friend was using a condom and said it tore. How is that possible? Heat, sun, oils, and chemicals all can weaken condoms, making them more susceptible to breakage.

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A condom breaking can be a major mood killer for both you and your partner, which can lead to devastating consequences. Leaving your condoms stashed in your hot car or on your bedside table within direct sunlight, can damage the condoms material leaving you and your partner susceptible to sexually transmitted infections. To ensure your condoms are fully protected from outside elements, find a place in your bedroom that you can keep your condoms safely tucked away.

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Male condoms are one of the best forms of birth control out there because they're cheap, you can buy them anywhere, they prevent pregnancy, and they also prevent the spread of STIs, but they only work if they don't break! Below are six reasons why a condom might rip, so keep them in mind the next time you're getting busy. The condom is past its prime.

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She uses a car analogy to describe the situation of a condom breaking, dubbing it a fender bender. While people who do get pregnant have the option of an abortion—for now, at least—it can be more physically and emotionally challenging than taking Plan B before a pregnancy begins, she adds. Brennan also tells me that when it comes to HIV and unprotected sex, transmission is very much a risk after that hour window if the party with HIV is not already on treatment because people on HIV drugs are less likely to spread it. As someone who owns a dick and uses condoms, I can assure you that it is obvious for some people when a condom has broken.

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Then you head to the bathroom. All of a sudden, you come to a horrifying realization: the condom broke. Having a condom break during sex is scary, but it happens.

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Things are heating up and you both know exactly what you want to happen next. Condoms are easy, cheap, and offer protection against STIs and accidental pregnancy. The good news is there are many ways to reduce the chance of a condom breaking. What now?


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